Why gender neutral tees?

Our newest addition Aubrey was the inspiration behind MWL! From the headbands to the tutu’s and other fun frilly little things! But as she grew into a toddler, she was not a fan of headbands and only wore tutu’s when she felt like it.  (Talk about ‘tude). Wearing her big bro’s faded super hero tees were her thing! And got her out the door for school in the morings! LOL.  So, I decided to rebrand and revamp our brand a little by adding tee’s that would celebrate and showcase both of my children!  What better way to celebrate my cool son and mini me daughter, their similarities and differences with tees and accessories that bust down gender stereotypes!  My goal is to make MWL your one stop shop for gender neutral tees with fun and hip sayings to birthday tees and even sibling tees that are both comfy and kid approved!